Project Outcomes

The SCOUT-toolkit

Our SCOUT-toolkit comprises 20 tools for competence assessment from different countries and with different contentual and methodological foci. Here, counsellors will have the opportunity to easily find and get access to competence assessment tools that suit the needs of new immigrants and that will support and enrich the counselling process.




Bild zu Erklärvideo Scout-Toolkit Englisch

For a first impression into the SCOUT-Toolkit, you can view here an interactive video. You can become familiar with the SCOUT-Toolkit in just 5 minutes.


ProfilPASS in Simple Language

The ProfilPASS in Simple Language is the core of the SCOUT-toolkit.
It is an adapted version of the original ProfilPASS and has been specifically designed to suit the needs and the experiential situation of new immigrants. The adapted version of the ProfilPASS is distinguished by the following features:

  • shortened text passages
  • use of simple language
  • enhanced use of visualizations, pictograms or the like in order to support the understanding and access to the texts
  • content that is primarily based on the living situation, the experiences and the vocational situation that new immigrants are faced with
  • additional aids (incl. moderators and testimonials) facilitating access to the text and transfer to the realities of living


Full ProfilPASS in Simple Language as a PDF-file, optimized for printing in DIN A4 format.


Full ProfilPASS in Simple Language as a PDF-file, optimized for on-screen viewing.


The Manual for Counsellors

The Manual for Counsellors is an accompanying document for the SCOUT-toolkit and the ProfilPASS in Simple Language. It provides background information as well as guidelines and suggestions for counsellors on how the SCOUT-toolkit and the ProfilPASS in Simple Language can be applied.




The Curriculum for Counsellors

The Curriculum for Counsellors is based on the SCOUT-toolkit and the Manual for Counsellors. It provides guidance and suggestions for the training of counsellors both with regard to training content and methods.




Comprehensive Report of Identification of Needs

Before starting to create the SCOUT-toolkit, an identification of  needs  including  a  synopsis  of  examples  of  good  practice  was carried out in  the  SCOUT  partner countries. The results of the national research activities were compiled in the Comprehensive Report of Identification of Needs.